Hey shifting blame for Lonestar Results

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Hey shifting blame for Lonestar Results

Post by Monroviaboy on Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:08 pm

Hey shifting blame for Lonestar Results
Liberia's National Soccer Coach Sets Conditions To Return

Wednesday, July 2 2008

The Lone Star's head Coach Antoine Tony Hey is shifting the blame for the dismal showing of the team in the recent matches. A new twist has developed with the German outlining series of conditions for returning to Liberia. Hey expressed his passion for club football after Liberia’s 3-1 defeat away to Senegal. With two points in four matches, and ranked at the bottom of Group Six of the 2010 qualifiers, Hey hinted to the BBC that Liberia’s qualification has became a dream
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Re: Hey shifting blame for Lonestar Results

Post by georgehenries on Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:12 pm

Once again Hey was proven my point, he is not a a good coach. A good coach does not shift the blame of his team's failure to the uneasy supporters of that but instead he tries to ratify the situation and fixes the situation so that the team can be better. Hey gets paid the salary of a good coach but he does not perform the duties of a good. My fellow Liberians until we can find a good coach Im sorry to say this but our lonestar will not get anywhere and also Lonestar needs better management from the LFA down.

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