How is our chances?

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How is our chances? Empty How is our chances?

Post by Smartfootball on Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:39 pm

We still have a chance, but very slim. As you all know the 12 winners from the 12 groups along with the best 8 second place teams go to the second round. I reviewed the BBC results table and per my review we have a slim chance. However, we will have to win our remeaning two games before we can stand any chance. If we win our last two games, we should be able to advance only if some teams win. Meaning we will have to depend on other teams to win in order to advance. Note, per my review of the table (checking points, goal etc...), six of the 8 spots are already taken by 6 groups. We stand no chance with those six spots. Those second place teams have 9 points already or at least 7 points and have two more games to play. Each of them are cabable of winning at least one of their last two if not all. Note the maximum points we can get is 8, if we win our last two games.

If six spots are already out of reach, that leaves two spots. We can take one of those two open spots. Note for these two spots 6 groups will be fighting for these two open spots and our group are one of them. As I said our chances are slim. One reason is because in the "goal for (GF)" colum, we are in the negative and to just get even we need to win big in both matches. To be even we must win both games with a total of five goals combined. We can win both games, but I am not show about scoring 5 goals. To have positive one goal we must win with 6 goals and so on. Please check the table on BBC or FIFA and see what you come up with.


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