Gone G. Weah, J. Debbah, Did Lone Star Winning Days Follow???

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Gone G. Weah, J. Debbah, Did Lone Star Winning Days Follow??? Empty Gone G. Weah, J. Debbah, Did Lone Star Winning Days Follow???

Post by Danield on Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:02 pm

Hi Guys... hope we're all doing great and not too disapointed about the game today. I guess some of us anticipated the result... well, if you didn't, you may have been one of those guys coming on here predicting or depending on other results. My friends, I love the Lone Star just as much as you do,but i also know that soccer is a game in which the much prepared, hard working, and best team
progresses. We got some serious work to do guys, if not, we would always have days like this.. where we stay by our laptops and computers just to turn them on and find out we've lost game after games.

Since the departure of our greats G. Weah, J. Debbah, Joe.N... just to name a few... Liberia soccer, the Lone Star that we all once saw WINNING, we all felt pround of... is no more... We saw Lone Star Winning during the war, we saw Lone star Winning without a white Coach, we even saw Lone Star win important games without a Coach. Today with a White Coach, a different team, and with the support that we have never seen given to the team, We still fine ourselves not producing.
That lad me to asked myself and you guys.., With the departure of those guys from the team, Did the Lone Star WINNING DAYs FOLLOW????

My friends, three years ago i watch us beat Gambia 3 goals to 1 in monrovia, we beat Africa greats Nigeria, Ghana, just to name a few.. we could see that the best days of our players were coming to an end. At the time, we had young players in and out of LIB trying to make it on their own. Players like Francis Doe, D.Williams, Issai Toldo, Ben Teekloh, possible replacement for these guys.
What did LFA do with them? they needed that growth, to play together, participate in the under 20 Nations cup, so that we could have a better Lone Star After the old guys. The same team we beat three years ago, we were fighting for a draw with them in monrovia... why would you think we would've beatten them in Gambia?? They get it... three years ago they understood that in order for them to win they had to developed a winning team, prepared them together, and invest in in them. That's what they did, Gambia had a good under 15, 17, 20, team that played well together. Today, they got a team and not just players. They're now all over europe.

Not that they have better players than we do but it's because they have a team and we don't.
Guys I've said it all thorugh, getting a white Coach wouldn't help us. Let this Coach go and bring in some one with the intentions of developing this team. Forget the short-term goals and start planning for 2012 now. Bring in new players and let them trained and play high profile test matches together. Stop trying to put players together just for Nations Cup instead put a WINNing team together for the Liberian people. It's a shame that we had to go back to A.Togba who has been sitting here in the U.S doing nothing. If we don't get our acts together, I see us going back to Jeams Debbah... and the fact is there is NO MORE J. Debbah or G. Weah. That's my thoughts, what is yours???. May God bless the Lone Star...


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