Newly introduced Championship of African Nations -- This is where Liberia should focus on NOW

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Newly introduced Championship of African Nations -- This is where Liberia should focus on NOW

Post by Mano on Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:40 pm

To be able to produce another King George oppong weah...liberia need to focus on such type of competition..grow the local talent...invest in local talent...not put 11 wana beees on a plane and bring thne for an ANC or WC qualification game....where they actually play in poor leagues in the world...malaysia...indonesia....or USL or swedish and danish second division leagues...the problem is very clear...since George "Oppong" Weah and James "Salinsa" Deba, ALMOST every liberian player that was helped to go play in europe, thought that success is easy and the wanted a quick fix to fame....well after long painful years (in liberian footballing context) they should realize that this is not the case....success only come after very hard work and determination even after tasting the firts fruits of success. I remember Christopher wreh...the firts year he started to get recognized, he forgot why he is in europe for...and started losing focus and getting fat and ignoring his trainig and only wanting to eanjoy the good life....and look where he is is a shame where countries like gambia, equatorial guinea, togo.....alll these one time minnows...are now able to whip us at home in is a shame where we are not investing in our local talent......this is the only way we can have hope...this is the only way we can dream again...this is the only way we can pay tribute to our greatest player in the world King George "Oppong" weah!!!

CHAN Qualifiers - Cameroon Fall At Home

Cameroon suffered a shock 2-0 loss at home to DR Congo on Saturday in the first leg of the final qualification round for the newly introduced Championship of African Nations (CHAN).

Lofo Bengeli and Mbemza Bedi scored in the second half to give the visiting Congolese a famous win at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium in Yaounde, the Cameroonian capital.
Bengeli opened scoring from the penalty spot after a team-mate was fouled inside the box before Bedi wrapped up the away victory with a superb strike in the 65th minute.
The return leg clash will be played in Lubumbashi on December 13 with the overall winner advancing to the final tournament in Ivory Coast beginning February 23.
In continuation of the competition, which is reserved for players featuring in the doemstic leagues, Ghana host Nigeria on Sunday in Accra and Guinea welcome Senegal to Conakry


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Re: Newly introduced Championship of African Nations -- This is where Liberia should focus on NOW

Post by kilotango on Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:19 am

I agree that Liberians want to get success easily. if they don't get it, they give up hope. all liberians have to put time to promote soccer in Liberia. Liberians have to start supporting other liberians. We have to support our people to succeed.


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