what make us trust european coaches.

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what make us trust european coaches. Empty what make us trust european coaches.

Post by dshaun on Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:15 pm

hey guys as we are in such of a new coach, we need to be careful in getting a new coach for our country.particular european coaches. they are not as good or better as we think. if you are following the selection of players from verious african teams, you will notices that they are not doing a very good job. african team partan of play is different, meaning their performance of play is poor, selection of players is poor. my brothers do we still stand and watch our leaders made bad judgement or do we arise and stand for our right.how long will our resources be gaven to the wrong people. why our people respect european so much than our own people, i thank it is about time we gave our people the chance to lead us. joe nagbe will do the job better if we gave him the chance, kelvin will do the job if we gave him our trust,sampson siasia will do the job better if we gave him the chance and support he need.i am not being racists i am only speaking my mind and the truth. our old people say stubborn fly that does not hear will follow the corps to the grave.if we don listen and rethink we will be like the fools that build his house on the sand and when the rain came and beat upon the house it fall.

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what make us trust european coaches. Empty Re: what make us trust european coaches.

Post by kingjohn2g2 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:40 am

Because the European coaches are doing better job than the African coaches. Liberia had so many local coaches in the past and they fail miserly. I think we should fellow the system in Ghana. All u17,u19,u20 and u23 teams should be given to local coaches and the senior national team to foreigner. Joe nagbe is not yet ready to be lone star coach, why because he fail his first coach job with FC Azziz, they finish last in the league that is not a good record. Kelvin had never coach before not just because he was a good player make he a good coach. all the local coaches should try first with the youth teams u17,u19,u20.u23 or with local clubs and if they do a good job than someday they can coach the senior team

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