Why used the up to down Approch in developing Football in Liberia.

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Why used the up to down Approch in developing Football in Liberia.

Post by Alvin K. Garway on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:45 am

Sport Lovers.;

Greetings! it is regretable to note that sport in Liberia is being run on a wrong footing. Our leaders at the football houses signed contracts with cell phones companies to promote the upper league and disregarding the lower ones. Take for eaxmple; the premium, first and second division leagues which are directly controlled by the football association are being provided footballs, jerseys, and football boots as well as free registration into the league and free entrance to see the games played. Unlike the thrid and fourth division leagues which are being controled by the sub committees, there are no materials on hand. Supporters paid to see the various commnuities playing, no football boost, jersey balls and the worst part of it, playing cards and forms are bearing the company logo.

I used this medium to called upon partners that are currently supporting the FA to advice them on the worng approch being carried out by them.
The lower leagues are the begrock of our country football. Note: For us that played in the Central Monrovia Sub Committee, the
gates intake are not distributed among the teams, while the league according to them is being supported or being sponsored by cell phone company.

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