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Thanks to all of you Empty Thanks to all of you

Post by ACSC2008 on Fri May 23, 2008 8:17 pm

The final test match before ACSC begins the 08/09 season will kick off at Bong Mine Field in Logantown. Via Town FC, a division II team extended the invitation after ACSC brought down IE on May 15th. On behalf of the president and founder of ACS Christopolis, Mr. Emmanuel Obed Towouh of Texas, VP of ACSC, Mr. Kartoe Gaye of Monrovia, the coaching staff (Albert-Head Coach, Junior-Team Manager, and ACSC's newly appointed Technical Director Raymond Morton, former IE goal keeper and U-17 Coach, we thank all those teams that accepted our test match invitations during the formation of ACS Christopolis (ACSC). Special thanks go to the following premiership teams that chose to accept our invitations: IE, Barolle(even though couldn't honor invitation due to timing), Gedi&Sons, LPRC Oilers, and Deverux FC.

ACSC even though in the 3rd Division is made of collection of Premiership, Division I,II and III players. The Goal Keeper and one midfielder was brought from the County Team of Sinoe. The two were brillant during the Counties Meet. The decision to start from 3rd Div, was levied by the founder. He figured that his team was collection of players who have not played together. By starting from Div III, and stagging several test matches, the founder and president, came to the conclusion that the players will learn to understand one another better as they work their way to the top.

To our fans, you will not be disappointed. After the test match with Via Town FC, the 25 players names will be posted in this forum.

Thanks for your time

Francis Sihply
Newly appointed ACSC Press


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Thanks to all of you Empty Greetings My People!

Post by Dekonte Weah on Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:25 pm

This is Dekonte Weah, STUCK in New Jersey. I missing my people and my football BAAAAAD way oh! Talk to me!

Dekonte Weah

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