Professional Liberian Soccer Players in Minnesota, USA

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Professional Liberian Soccer Players in Minnesota, USA Empty Professional Liberian Soccer Players in Minnesota, USA

Post by uhclem on Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:46 am


I have passed the following information on to Mr. Roland Mulbah and the Webmaster of, but for some unknown reason, they have not published it on the website. So, I shall post the information here.

I believe that anyone who has an interest in Liberian soccer players needs to be kept aware of developments in Minnesota since, between the recently defunct Minnesota Thunder and the newly created NSC Minnesota Stars (both members of United States division 2 soccer, one step down from MLS, the top league in the country), more Liberians have played professional soccer here than any other State in the Union.

This is the first e-mail I sent, which went to Mr. Roland Mulbah:

The following is a press release from NSC Minnesota on the signing of former Liberian National Team player Johnny Menyongar by NSC Minnesota Stars, the club that has replaced the now-defunct Minnesota Thunder in the United States Soccer Federation Division 2:

Some additional info on Johnny and the new club:

He was USL D-1 First Team All League last year. He has been named USL D-1 Second Team All League five times.

This will make the 11th year in a row that Minnesota teams playing Division 2 soccer in the US will have included at least one Liberian on the roster. Other Liberian or Liberian-decended players who played in Minnesota include Dyonysius Sebwe, Melvin Tarley, Aaron Paye, Francis "Grandpa" Doe, Leo Gibson, Ansu Toure and Geoffrey Myers.

I hope this information is of interest.


Scott A. Kerssen

I followed this up with a second e-mail to the webmaster of this site:

I thought the following might be newsworthy:

First, Former National Team Midfielder and Captain Johnny Menyongar signs with US Second Division team NSC Minnesota Stars:


Second, former National Team Goalkeeper and Captain Louis Crayton has signed with the NSC Minnesota Stars:


I hope you find these of interest.

Scott Kerssen

Sadly, the news I sent never appeared on this website. So, I must post it here and hope people will find it.

There is some additional news.

Former National Team capped and U-21 team member Melvin Tarley has been signed by NSC Minnesota Stars:

In addition, a fourth Liberian player, Geoffrey Myers, who was with the Thunder last season, is currently on trial with the NSC Stars. He scored a goal in an intra-squad scrimmage yesterday:

It is my hope that by posting this here, that the administrator and/or staff of will see the importance of publishing information about the New NSC Minnesota Stars and their liberian players, who have contributed so much to soccer in Minnesota.

If anyone has any information as to why the staff here doesn't publish such news, I would very much like to know.

That little old jersey collector



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Professional Liberian Soccer Players in Minnesota, USA Empty More Honors from America.

Post by uhclem on Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:10 pm

The USL has released a list of the twenty-five best and most influential players of the past decade in the USL-1 (the second division of USA football), along with another list of thirty-two honorable mentions. NSC Minnesota Stars F/M and Former Liberian National Team Captain Johnny Menyongar was ranked as the Number 2 player in the league over the past ten seasons. NSC Stars forward and former Liberian National team member Melvin Tarley was an honorable mention.

Here's a link to the article:

Still wondering why news like this isn't published by


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